Rescue Pets

2 Mar


Today was a cross training day, so I hit the pool for a mile swim.  I was the only person in the pool for about half the time that I was there, which is nice in theory, but is kinda creepy in practice.  I found myself really swimming hard so I could hurry up and get outta there!  I guess a good way to push yourself in cross training is to be insanely creeped out during your workout!

In other news…

Rescue Pets

I just heard on the radio that Jennifer Anison and her boyfriend recently adopted a pitbull named Sophie.  I have a weird love for Jennifer Aniston (and, therefore, a weird hatred for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), and her passion for animals really hits home with me.

She was reportedly devastated when her beloved pooch, Norman, passed away earlier this year, so I was happy to hear that she was able to move on.  I was also thrilled to hear that she adopted her new pup.











(source) <– Click this link to read more about how little miss Sophie was adopted.  I could not love Jennifer Aniston more!

There are so many pets out there who need homes, and I feel very strongly that people should adopt whenever possible.  Even if you want a specific breed, or need a hypoallergenic pet, there are tons and tons of breed-specific rescues out there.

Both Nick and I adopted our pets – and Nick even drove out of state to adopt Beanie because he was interested in his specific breed.








I don’t think we could’ve ended up with better pets if we had paid a million dollars.  Remember: adopt, don’t shop!

And happy Friday!


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