Early Morning Walk

7 Mar

This morning I felt motivated to get out of bed early to take Izzie for a long walk before hitting the gym.  I popped in my iPod with my “plane playlist”, and headed out the door.  My iPod is typically full of workout songs, but whenever I am traveling by air (which happens more than I really enjoy) I like to listen to calm music.










My plane playlist is mainly comprised of the “Garden State” soundtrack, with some Taylor Swift, James Taylor and Darius Rucker thrown in for good measure.  It was the perfect soundtrack for an early morning walk on a (nearly) spring day!  I happened to see some tulips popping through the ground too, which was a very welcome sight!

After our walk, I headed over to the gym and biked for 30 minutes.  I’ve had an oncoming cold all week, so I stopped after 30 rather than exhausting myself and making the cold worse than it has to be!

In other news, Snooki confirmed her pregnancy yesterday.  You know I love my Snooki Snickers, but I cannot believe the little meatball is going to have a baby.








Yup, that about sums it up.  Happy Wednesday!


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