9 Mar

The past few days have been busy.  Today was another “blink your eyes and it’s 5:00” kind of day, and I spent the majority of it writing.  So, I’m gonna keep this post short, sweet and bullet-pointed.

  • Yesterday morning I got pooped on about 1/10 mile into my run.








  • I only have one running jacket.  In hindsight, this makes no sense while training through a Chicago winter.  I hightailed it home, got changed, and headed over for a boring 5 miles on the treadmill.
  • This morning I rekindled my competetive side when I swam in a lane directly next to another person.  I kicked that 60-year-old’s ass!  
  • Just kidding.  The over 60 set always blows me out of the water.  I do find myself mentally competing with the younger pool patrons though.  It makes the laps go by that much quicker.
  • On my walk with Izzie this afternoon, I saw a lost dog sign.  The little guy got spooked by the train, slipped out of his collar and took off.  I felt bad, but it also reminded me of the first time Izzie ever did that, which made me laugh.








  • I’ve never seen a dog so scared of inanimate objects.

*This is a true story.  There was a volleyball left outside of our apartment, and it freaked her out because it was new.  I kicked it, probably to tease her a little bit, and she pulled out of her collar and took off.  I hid behind a bush, which I was instructed to do with hunting dogs, and she came back around to find me within a few seconds.

  • Which leads me to the following point: if you have a skittish dog, don’t leave home without a choke collar!  Whenever anyone watches Izzie for me, I remind them 1,000,000,000 times that she must have her purple collar on her whenever she leaves the house.  But not inside the house or she’ll get it caught on something and choke.  And then I proceed to freak out the entire time that she isn’t with me.
  • And, that’s all I’ve got.  Time to face plant onto the couch, and probably fall asleep at about 7:00.  Helloooooo, weekend.



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