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It’s 5 O’clock in the Morning…

26 Oct

This morning was an early one due to another morning appointment.  My weeks pretty much flip flop, with one week being chock full of early mornings and the next being all late nights.

As I was thinking up a title for this early morning post, the new T-Pain/Lily Allen song popped into my head…and now it’s stuck there.  Great!

Anywho, I had a much easier time getting out of bed this morning than I did yesterday, and got my butt over to the gym by 6.  I hopped on the treadmill and completed the following workout.

Can you tell I was starting to get a little antsy by the end there?!  Normally I really like this workout, but today it was a little less engaging than usual…hopefully that’s just a fluke since I’ve got many months of treadmill runs ahead of me!  Once I was done, I hurried home to take out Izzie and get some breakfast in me.  Today’s breakfast was nice and simple.

A bowl of Honey Sunshine with sliced bananas and almond milk.

Since I had some banana leftover (I had more leftover than you see here, but I snacked on it while I was slicing), I spread some peanut butter on top.  I love the combination of peanut butter and banana.  It’s one of the best pb combos, in my opinion.

I did not reserve the knife for its beauty in the above photo.  I kept it on hand so I could share some nut butter with this little lady.

How can I say no to those eyes?  I’ll tell you how.  I can’t.

Actually, I really do need to get better about this.  Izzie’s begging has been out of control recently.  A few months ago we put her on a new diet, and though it may not appear this way from my blog posts, part of the change involved cutting way back on the people-food-sharing.

As a behavior analyst, I am constantly preaching that behaviors that are intermittently reinforced are the hardest to reduce.  It’s always worth a shot!  So, since I am basically setting Izzie up to be the most annoying dog ever by intermittently reinforcing her begging, I came up with a plan.

My plan is to give Izzie scraps on the weekends, as a special treat.  I will use a training clicker prior to weekend meals to signal to her that her “reinforcement” will be available.  Clicker = mom will give you food; No Clicker = no food.  Got it, Iz?

If I can stick to it, I think this will be an interesting and fun experiment!

Kind of like Jim Halpert’s:


Today I’ve actually got two evening meetings as well so I’m off to get some stuff done before heading back out the door!