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You Win Some, You Lose Some

24 Oct

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a Cooking Light Healthy Meal Planner app on my iPad.  It is a really great app and has tons of options for light meals, including various meat and vegetarian entrees as well as sides and desserts.  I kept meaning to choose a meal from my new meal planner but never got around to it.  Finally, last night I did some perusing and settled on an eggplant parm dish for this evening.

I love eggplant parm, but have never made it myself before!  I figured it was time to give it a shot.  As I was jotting down the ingredients prior to my grocery store trip today, I saw that the recipe explicitly states that whole wheat Panko crumbs must be used – regular ones turned out soggy in tests.  I underlined “whole wheat” on my list and headed off to the store.  Unfortunately, they did not have whole weat crumbs so I just grabbed a box of regular and figured it would all work out OK in the end…

When I got to work this evening, I decided to use this beautiful casserole that my father-in-law made for us as our wedding gift.

Don’t you just love this casserole?  I think it is bea-utiful!

The recipe was super easy to make and since I was working while it was cooking, it seemed to be finished in no time!

The flavors in this meal couldn’t be beat.  Melted cheese and spicy tomato sauce?  Yes, please!  I was a bit disappointed in the texture, though.  I guess they weren’t lying when they said regular crumbs turned out mushy.  Guess I should pay attention next time someone explicitly warns against using a certain ingredient.

Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.

For dessert, I kept it simple and enjoyed some marshmallow lovers hot chocolate and two break and bake halloween sugar cookies.  No muss, no fuss.

Not the healthiest of desserts, but delicious nonetheless.  It’s all about balance, right?  Right.

I cannot believe it is already Sunday night.  Weekends go by way too quickly.  Thankfully there’s Part “due” of the Housewives reunion to help me through the rest of the night!